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Guaranteed sale, guaranteed price.

When you accept an ERA® offer, the Sellers Security Plan assures you that ERA will buy your current house if it doesn't sell within 180 days from the application date. ERA guarantees the purchase price offer, so you'll know in advance the minimum you can expect from the sale of your house. You'll also have plenty of time to see if any other buyer is willing to pay more.

You get the profit, ERA covers any loss.

Almost always, you will receive more than the price guaranteed by the agreement. If ERA ends up purchasing your house and then resells it for more than we have in it (including holding and marketing expenses), the net profits are returned to you. But if ERA sells it for less, you don't take the loss, ERA does.

ERA can even help with your down payment.

The ERA Sellers Security Plan allows qualified buyers to borrow against equity. You may use up to $100,000 of your available equity from the ERA offer to purchase and close on your new home. So if the down payment on your new home is contingent on the proceeds from your old one, we've got you covered. Not all houses qualify for the ERA Sellers Security Plan and the purchase price will be determined solely by ERA. The ERA Sellers Security Plan Application outlines complete terms and conditions. Contact your local ERA Office for more information.

When you're buying a home, buy with no major repair worries -choose a house covered by the Home Protection Plan for ERA®*. It's your best protection against costly, unexpected repair bills after closing.

The Home Protection Plan for ERA is simply an exclusive ERA program to protect you against expensive repair or replacement costs when the major working components in your new home break down: water heater...furnace...built-in appliances...electrical wiring...central air duct work...interior plumbing system and fixtures. Your protection lasts for a full year from the date of purchase on a previously owned home. And if you've purchased a new home, the Extended Home Protection Plan for ERA protects you from the first anniversary to the fifth anniversary of closing. ** Limited protection on Condominiums, covering the water heater, interior plumbing fixtures, and built-in appliances is also available.

Homes protected by the Home Protection Plan for ERA sell 15% faster on average.*** As an added bonus, the Home Protection Plan for ERA also protects sellers the same way. While your home is on the market, the same major components are covered until the day of sale - or a maximum of 180 days.****

So relax. Not only will you have peace of mind regarding unexpected repairs but you also increase the chances that your home will sell faster at a better value. The Home Protection Plan for ERA, another reason why we say, at ERA, "We're Selling Houses."®

* Costs, conditions and limitations apply. See contract for complete terms and conditions. A product of AON Home Warranty Services, Inc.

** First year protection through builder's home warranty. Protection for second through fifth years through Home Protection Plan for ERA administered by AON Home Warranty Services, Inc. See contract for complete terms and conditions.

*** Averages are based on a 1996 survey of 11,332 random listings among ERA Member Brokers throughout the United States. Methodology and findings verified by Flaspohler Rose Quantitative Research, Inc., an independent market research company. Survey results are available upon request.

**** Heating and air conditioning units require a professional mechanical inspection for seller coverage.

The ERA® Commitment to Service is our promise to sellers, in writing, to make every effort to sell your house. As part of the Commitment to Service ERA Members agree to:

  • Prepare a good-faith estimate of your home
  • Conduct a preliminary qualification of prospective buyers
  • Assist in arranging affordable financing
  • Make a comparative study of your home
  • Offer application assistance to qualified buyers
  • Contact you regularly to report the selling progress of your home
  • Review your competitive selling position every 30 days
  • Where available, offer a one-year Home Protection Plan for ERA to the buyer of your home
  • Provide information on Seller Protection Plan coverage
  • Supply information regarding our Seller's Security Plan
  • Photograph your home for marketing and promotional use
  • Submit a photo of your home for Internet listing
  • Provide you with a national referral service to assist you in finding a home in another community while your home is being sold

The Commitment to Service is a complete guarantee that we will make every effort to sell your house. It is another reason why at ERA, "We're Selling Houses."™ Contact us today and learn more about our Commitment to Service and many other reasons for listing your home with ERA Four Feathers Realty.